Is an Israeli-born and New York-based artist. He earned his B.F.A. at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem (1998), and went on to earn his M.F.A. from Goldsmiths College in London, England (2000). Kun has been showing extensively in the past several years nationally as well as on the international circuit, mainly across the U.S and Europe.




"My work deals with memory and perception.

The recurring theme of these raindrop paintings is the clarity of the water, the path the water has traveled to its location and the nostalgia such images invoke. Like a film noir still, this painting confront the viewer and bring forth memories from previous times. The fuzzy, off-center colors behind the window are just as we think they should be. As we drive along the interstate of our lives our memories grow hazier in the distance much like looking through the side windows of a moving car and only seeing colors without clear, definitive shapes. These images fade into the distance and while we may remember their general shape or color, they are no longer present and instead become part of our memory. How distorted our memory of these events are is what I am trying to capture. The reality as it happens—looking out of a window on a rainy day—is never remembered exactly as it was. 
Even as memories fade or age, we transform this prior reality. Individually we take details and exaggerate them to fit our needs. Maybe we finished in third place in that race but it was the best race we ran and as such in its retelling we finished second because the other racer had a false start that the officials missed. We should have “been first”. We aspire to be first; we want our memories to make us first and in many cases it requires manipulating these past moments."


Shay Kun showcases....

... an acute awareness of his specific place in today’s visual culture.

A unique style.....

Shay Kun is somewhere between the historical concept of fine art and the contemporary digital and electronic imagery so central to his generation’s experience.

An alive Artwork....

Multiple perspective are present in one single piece...



Shay Kun, born in Israel in 1974, is known for his hyper-surrealist style. The oeuvre of Kun’s art work is embodied in three series, Tear Drops, Lift Off (Hot Air Balloons), and Slums

As an artist who is firmly averse to painting from the real-world, Shay’s central focus is to contrast the decay of the artificial with that of the natural to create an organic digital removal from the original image. The images that attract and inspire the artist have been deconstructed and reproduced thoroughly. When struck by an image that overwhelms Shay, it prompts him to explore and dissect it, with his interest in the mechanism of perception as opposed to the actual subject. 

His inspiration comes from a variety of sources, from the hand carved hot air balloon toys that his  parents,  both  of  whom  are  Holocaust  survivors,  brought  with  them  to  Israel,  to  urban war photography, and the perceptions and  alterations of reality in computer  games,  simulation and other disaster spectacles, all of which he reconciles with the strong influence of 18th century European artwork and the Hudson River School. 

Shay’s acute awareness of his specific place in today’s visual  culture,  somewhere  between  the  historical  concept  of  fine  art  and the contemporary deconstruction of digital and electronic imagery as a central concept to his generation, places his work in juxtaposition with that of his parents. 

As an artist, who began painting at the age of just three years old, and with both parents as commercial artists, he has often wondered if becoming an artist was a part of his DNA.  Both of his parents’ work is aimed at forging something new while creating artwork that is distinctly Israeli. His father’s work focuses on the decay and deterioration of landscape, while in contrast, his mother’s paintings looks toward the celebratory aspect of landscape, growth and nature in bloom.

For  Shay  Kun  a  series  is  never  complete. He revisits each subject as his interpretation of reality  and  our  ability  to  comprehend  the  representational evolves.





Communication Breakdown, Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel


Tower Brooke Headquarters, New York, NY 


Slums, Expo Chicago solo, Chicago, IL 

Revision, Aspen Art Gallery, Aspen, CO 


Sum Of Its Parts, Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

Nature Does Not Know Extinction; All It Knows Is Transformation, D&F Contemporary, New York, NY 


Disambiguation, Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA 

Uproar, Michael Schultz Gallery, Berlin, 



An Extra, Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

Feast and Famine, Linda Warren Gallery, 

Chicago, IL 


Domestic Sticky Wildlife, Martine Chaisson Gallery, New Orleans, LA 

Be First, Be Smarter or Cheat, Benrimon 

Contemporary, New York, NY 


Rebreather, Lamontagne Gallery, Boston, MA 

Take Off, VOLTA NY, New York, NY 


Exfoliations, Benrimon Contemporary, New York, NY

Overcast, Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

Slack Tide, Lamontagne Gallery, Boston, MA 


Opportunities Multiply as They are Seized, David Castillo Gallery, Miami, FL 


Nails & Feathers, BUIA Gallery, New York, NY 


Old Flames Don’t Die Out They Build New Fires, Tavi Dresdner Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

Perversion Is The Love We Feel When Others Feel Love, SEVENTEEN Gallery, London, UK 


Melting Midlands, BUIA Gallery, New York, NY 


I Care Because You do Too, BUIA Gallery, New York, NY 


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