Damian Guillot is a remarkable individual who has led an extraordinary life. Born and raised in Louisiana, Damian embarked on an academic journey by studying pre-law at Louisiana State University. However, fate had different plans for him.


After completing his studies, Damian joined the United States Marine Corps and served with distinction, earning numerous accolades for his dedication and bravery. His time in the Marines instilled in him a strong sense of discipline, leadership, and resilience, qualities that would shape his future endeavors.


Following his honorable service in the military, Damian transitioned into the corporate world, where he excelled as a Director for Jack Sutton Company for a decade. His tenacity and strategic thinking propelled him to great heights within the company, earning him recognition and respect from his colleagues.


However, Damian's life took an unexpected turn when Hurricane Katrina devastated his beloved hometown. Determined to rebuild and start anew, he relocated to Aspen, Colorado. Inspired by the beauty of the mountains and his passion for art, Damian embarked on a new entrepreneurial venture.


He founded the Aspen Art Gallery, a vibrant and inclusive space that showcases the works of talented artists from around the world. Damian's keen eye for artistic talent and his commitment to promoting creativity have made the gallery a renowned hub for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.


Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Damian is also deeply involved in philanthropy. He wholeheartedly believes in giving back to the community and has become a generous sponsor for the Shining Stars Boys and Girls Club, as well as several other organizations dedicated to empowering and supporting young individuals.


Damian Guillot's life journey is a testament to his resilience, adaptability, and unwavering determination to make a positive impact. From his academic pursuits to his military service, corporate success, and philanthropic endeavors, Damian has consistently demonstrated his commitment to excellence and the betterment of others.