"I choose all of my art personally. If I don’t love it, I can’t sell it. I have a very eclectic collection compared to most galleries." 

Damian Guillot, Owner

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"The best experience I've ever had at an art gallery. Ben was extremely passionate and insightful!"


Lauren Tarnawski (Public Review  May 2024)

"Ben is fantastic, passionate about the art in the gallery and really makes the visit worth it!! He gave us a one of a kind experience and is so funny! Stop in, you won’t regret it, and you might even buy yourself an amazing piece!!"


Michelle Peacock (Public Review  May 2024)

"Had a wonderful experience checking out this Gallery. Ben made it a one of a kind experience and really dove deep into exploring how many layers each piece of artwork held. Quite possibly the best collection of art work for sale that i’ve seen, very impressive!"


Carbon (Public Review Oct 2023)

"Had a great experience at The Aspen Art Gallery. Mind blowing art! Thank you ... such an enchanting experience!"


Amie Koronczok (Public Review Sept 2023)

"My favorite gallery for art. Ben was outstanding. He spent as much time as we needed looking at the art. He was very receptive to our wants and helped us make the right decision. I would highly recommend people looking for artwork to shop here and take the time with Ben as he will make the experience a great one."


Torre Palandri (Public Review Feb 2023)

"This was the best art gallery experience I have ever had. Witty conversation coupled with a thought provoking art appreciation exchange made for a phenomenal time. I was quite impressed with the layout, the quality of art, and the investment shown in providing a truly pleasant time in the gallery. I would recommend a stop in if you are ever in Aspen and have a moment."


James Klaers (Public Review July 2022)

"I've been to plenty of art galleries before. Almost every single one has had beautiful art and a gallery director who sits at their desk and barely acknowledges anyone. Sure the art can be spectacular, but it can be difficult to fully understand the art and it's artist without a little more info. Not only was the art in this gallery beautiful, with each piece set and lit up in a way that maximized each one's character, but my friends and I were given a wonderful tour of many of the works. The director, Ben Tomkins, told us the stories behind the paintings we were admiring the most. I know it may sound cheesy, but as he guided us through the art, I felt well and truly connected to the art and like I had a far better understanding of it than I would've gotten from staring at it for an hour. Thank you for the wonderful experience!"

Dylan A. (Public Review June 2022)

"Ben was kind, thoughtful, and with no expectation of us buying any art took time to show us the intricacies of a particular work we liked. It is wonderful to be in the presence of those who love what they do. If I’m in Aspen, I’ll come back here."


Benjamin Goff (Public Review June 2022)

"Aspen art gallery has a great collection of artists. I was particularly drawn to the impressionistic work of Isabelle Dupuy. Her paintings of the Maroon Bells captivated me as a Colorado Native. Ben made me feel at home as a first time art buyer in an often intimating market. He worked with me to secure the piece and now I have it proudly displayed in my home."


Zack Moorman (Public review April 2022)

"Aspen art gallery was my favorite experience of my short time in Aspen. I’m not much of a designer store shopper so I really enjoyed getting to experience something more up my alley. The owner gave my partner and I an amazing experience with the painting that I said was my favorite. I’ll always remember this when thinking about my time there. Definitely worth going in and checking it out!"

Carrie Carpenter (Public Review Jan 2022)

"Thank you, Ben, for the kindness shown to our family while visiting this incredible gallery. So many beautiful pieces, I wish we could have brought home with us. We were in awe of the description and demonstration of light on my favorite “winter“ piece. Our daughters left the gallery with a new twinkle in their eyes for the artwork because of the time Ben spent with us describing these various pieces. Your kindness will not be forgotten. Cheers and blessings to you always."

Elysa Sokol (Public Review August 2021)

“I did want to thank you for a truly wonderful experience while purchasing this painting. No pressure, just showing what a beautiful piece of work we were looking at. When we left the gallery the first time my heart was throbbing, I knew we would have to go back.…. We’re so glad we didn’t wait.”

Bryan Muskat (Direct Email April 2021)

I wish I could give it MORE! My friends and I stumbled upon the gallery by chance and now it's our favorite place in Aspen! Ben was exceptionally kind, charismatic, and knowledgable to say the least. Explaining to us and answering any questions we could come up with(we were all awestruck so that was difficult). Taking the time to converse with us about his passion, dropping some major truth bombs, and funny one liners while he was at it Ben left a lasting impression. As an avid lover and student of art I wish there were more places like this and people like Ben.

Bethannie Wendt 5 stars (Public Review August 2020)

My husband and I had an experience we've never had before at the Aspen Art Gallery. Ben welcomed us with a bright and positive attitude. He told us all about the art and artists. He took us in a room where he hung up the photo and really showed us paintings in a whole new way! It was definitely an experience we will never forget. Thank you, Ben! Be blessed.

Eileen Popescu Aldrich (public Review August 2020)

 Ben was absolutely amazing! Not only did he show us around the gallery explaining every art piece in detail, he actually showed us in the lighting room, how unique and different art can be to each person. He has so much passion for art and educated us in things we never even knew!I would recommend this gallery to anyone looking to buy unique pieces for their home or business!
Thank you for the hospitality Ben! We will be back to make a purchase soon!

Mark Thompson (Public Review June 2020)

Loved it. Ben was very helpful in showing just how deep these paintings go. My whole family enjoyed each and every piece and artist. Great gallery 10/10

Courtney Martin (Public Review Dec 2020)

Incredible gallery and even better owner!! I’ve come here many times over the years and each time am amazed at the care that Ben takes in showing me the pieces in the gallery. His appreciation for the artist’s process is astounding and the efforts that Ben has made to accommodate me are impressive. It is clear that Ben truly loves the work in his gallery and that his goal is to give people a chance to connect with art rather than simply to sell it.

Malachi Colman (public review Jan 2020)

What a wonderful experience of customer service and expert salesmanship. Ben is a true pleasure to learn from! This is a must-stop in Aspen!

Cleveland Smith (Public Review March 2021)