ISABELLA GARAFFA - her Spring 2022 Collection begins....

Isabella Garaffa was born in Asuncion, Paraguay,   She now lives and creates her artwork in Snowmass Village, where she has been residing for the last many years.  Her most treasured childhood memories are directly connected to her strong passion for the wilderness, which is translated throughout her artwork in very intense detail. Seeing Aspen trees for the first time at the age of twenty two, gave her a fresh approach to recreate them in her studio in later years.



Decades in the making, ISABELLA has definitely found her calling. This local, self taught superstar pays homage to our surroundings like no other. Her  expressions of Aspen’s Winter are highly sort after. Check out the latest winter offerings HERE


- Just completed her highly sort after 2022 winter collection with larger scale and smaller works currently available.


- recently completely a major work exploring the healing capacity of water in our local landscape 

- Creates the sensation of temperature, season, light and shadow like no one else.


- writes beautifully about her process and completed works..takes us behind the Piece.


- After painting non-stop all last summer she recently completed her brand new studio space


- Shares her intricate details of her process, displaying unsurmountable patience





"My Heart is Content" 48x60


“Me heart is content” 48 x 60 in.

"I don’t know why I have always liked sunsets so much. Growing up in the middle of what felt like strings of fear pulling me apart from every side, sunsets worked like a balm of hope poured over my soul. I would go to the roof of my house and watch the sunset and talk to God. I would often ask Him where was He. But the thing I wanted to know most was if he loved me. Watching a sunset was like an answer from Him that I was longing to hear clearly at the moment, but it was yet to be revealed. 


Like a glimpse of hope in the sky, telling me deep in my soul that even though I couldn’t seemed to get out of this dark night, a new day was going to start. And tomorrow could be better. And that tomorrow came the day I opened up my heart to the Only One who knew how to heal it. He showed me that in His hands, He was holding all the answers to my so crumbled life. He uprooted me from the tree of knowledge and planted me on His vine. I have never been the same. From then on, sunsets have being a token of His love."