Isabella Garaffa was born in Asuncion, Paraguay,   She now lives and creates her artwork in Snowmass Village, where she has been residing for the last many years.  Her most treasured childhood memories are directly connected to her strong passion for the wilderness, which is translated throughout her artwork in very intense detail. Seeing Aspen trees for the first time at the age of twenty two, gave her a fresh approach to recreate them in her studio in later years.

"Walk into the Light" 36x48

"I try to implement some stillines in my technique so you can still know that it’s a painting."


"When Your Eyes Meet Wonder" 30x40

"When the energy is there, you have to take advantage of it!"


ISABELLA GARAFFA’s continue to Capture the temperature, the atmosphere, the expression of light and shade, the object and space like no other!


Introducing this extension of her winter collection


The latest FALL offerings are exquisite and capture the mood of Mother Nature herself….the temperature, the atmosphere, the expression of light and shade, the object and space she depicts are sublime,

her winter expressions, (“when the wind blows” ) have been attracting unprecedented attention. Even a homage to world recognized Maroon Bells

Decades in the making, ISABELLA has definitely found her calling. This local, self taught superstar pays homage to our surroundings like no other. Her upcoming expressions of Aspen’s Winter will be highly sort after.


"I really wish everyone could see this in person. I hope one day I could have a worldwide platform to explain why I paint the way I paint. It is not that I am pursuing a photo realism perfection at all."

"On the contrary I try to implement some sillines in my technique so you can still know that it’s a painting. But what I do work hard to do, is that somehow when you look at my painting, you can feel that you are actually there. Unfortunately, in order for that to happen you have to be standing in front of the work."


"Nothing to me compares to the comfort I find in nature. True, my toes get frozen when I’m hiking in 0 minus degree weather. You see though, my toes will get warm again when I get back to my home, but the memory of that beautiful moment will always bring comfort to my soul. It is not the passing luxuries of this age that comforts us, those are just cheap copies of the real thing. It is the journey that lays ahead, made for the perseverant and the steadfast, that takes you step by step to discover what really your life is about."

"And in that path, if you keep seeking without relent and if you keep walking even when you feel tempted to surrender to what just feels safe, and if you don’t quit the journey, there is a someone who will be waiting there to meet with you... you will realize that your life was meant for so much more than what meets your eyes...and your heart will be trapped in a love you didn’t know existed. But oh, how I know how none of these words will ever make sense unless you experience the wonder. And if your eyes ever meet this wonder, you will never again want to go home to just warm your toes."