This is all the same Artwork, simply in differing light scenarios.

Marco Grassi pays absolute homage to the moment and the space the art is in....

It's absolutely Alive!

After progressing for decades, summer 2023 was phenomenal for MARCO GRASSI  with a brand New series "The Pink Experience". We still have one last 49x49 in Gold..Marco's latest offerings for Winter 2023/24 are astounding. He understands the power of ambiguity, delivering every color of emotion . There is no-one that come close to the raw energy of Marco Grassi.

And of course it is much better in the flesh CLICK HERE to set an appointment to see this masterwork in-person.

Check this video and full photo presentation below

Silver leaf is known for its reflective and light-catching properties, making it dynamic in various lighting conditions. The characteristics that make silver leaf dynamic in different lighting include:


Reflectivity: Silver leaf, like other metal leaf, is highly reflective. It can create a brilliant, mirror-like effect when exposed to direct light, making it especially striking when used for gilding or as a decorative element in artworks, furniture, or architecture.

Luminosity: In certain lighting conditions, silver leaf can appear to emit a soft, glowing light due to its reflectivity. This can give surfaces a unique, ethereal quality.

Enhancement of Details: In areas where silver leaf is applied, it can highlight and enhance the details of a surface or object, especially when light falls on it at different angles.

Texture and Dimension: Silver leaf can be applied with various techniques, including distressing, crinkling, or layering, to create texture and dimension. These textures can interact with light in fascinating ways, adding depth and complexity to the surface.

Versatility: Silver leaf can be used in different artistic and design contexts, from traditional gilding in religious art to contemporary interior design and abstract art. Its adaptability allows it to look different in various settings and under different lighting conditions.

In summary, the reflectivity and texture of silver leaf make it dynamic in different lighting conditions. Its unique qualities can create stunning visual effects and add a touch of elegance and sophistication to various artistic and design applications.