MARCO GRASSI's connection to the DaVinci Code...

The world has long been astounded by Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and the subject’s ambiguous expression. It's appeal spreads as far geographically as it does through history. Marco grassi's work exhibits many clear connections, not of least the secrets of the DaVini Code itself.

The Code - The Power of Ambiguity.

There is often an instant connection, a familiarity and time stops. Marco has the ability to simply present a portal that allows the viewer to participate, fully in the work.

Every imaginable thought or feeling can be transmitted through the most intimate portal between the genius of the the Artist and the stranger. A reflection as well as an image, presenting an unique opportunity for appreciation to turn into an electric current that releases repressions.  

The contrast between the women portrayed and the background is also striking in both works. Mona Lisa presents a realistic woman posing in front of vast background, with unknowable distance. Grassi creates a similar type of contrast, using different elements. Like a single candle in the is stunning because it is surrounded by the dark, his portrait has a certain Pop because of the contrasting Gold leaf with its own sense of infinity. (read more).

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The Mona lisa's uncatchable smile is legendary... Marco Grassi is writing history in his own terms...