Even though two of MARCO's works may seem to be of the same person they are the ultimate example of how his creations are much more to do with the moment than simply a photograph.


Marco's work is an exquisite celebration of him at work. Marco isn't just creating a "Portrait" of his subjects, He isn't simply attempting to thrust the spirit of a person onto you, in detail....no.


Much more than that, he invites YOU to be the decide for yourself what you see, think and Feel. Offering a stimulation much more than a dictation.


Marco Grassi's much anticipated 2023 Summer Collection.......is coming soon


Stay Tuned




Just by looking at us, it’s impossible to tell what’s really going on…which is what makes us so incredibly beautiful...Check out his latest and Largest work currently Available "the Colors of temptation"


MARCO GRASSI’s perfectly captures our amazing complexity...and the many colors of our emotions...and now he’s back in the gallery with more color and pop than ever before! When you explore the progression of MARO’s works, the origin of the “gold Experience” is astounding. Marco has been hard at work. Each artwork could be many works in one, becoming infinite with light variation. The ambiguity gives his creations a timeless quality that are best enjoyed in-person


So, tell us….What do you see?



Di-Gold Experience 62x61

Di-Gold Experience 62x61