INTRODUCING... "The Di-Gold Experience" 82x61

In  Macro Grassi’s  work is often an  instant connection, a familiarity and time stops. After progressing his career  for many decades and finding great solace in exploring the “Gold Experience” since early 2014….

Every imaginable thought or feeling can be transmitted  through the most intimate portal between the genius of the the Artist and the stranger. A reflection as well as an image, presenting a unique opportunity for appreciation to turn into an electric current that releases repressions. As human beings, we can experience a myriad of emotions in a given day...a minute...or even in a single second. We might feel the comforting warmth of the sun while also bearing the sadness of a broken heart…The happiness of a new child and the anxiety of the added stress...  Just by looking at us, it’s impossible to tell what’s really going on which is what makes us so incredibly beautiful. Marco’s perfectly captures our amazing complexity  and the many colors of our emotions.

Let's take a close look

Just by looking at us, it’s impossible to tell what’s really going on…which is what makes us so incredibly beautiful...

MARCO GRASSI’s perfectly captures our amazing complexity...and the many colors of our emotions...and now he’s back in the gallery with more color and pop than ever before! When you explore the progression of MARO’s works, the origin of the “gold Experience” is astounding. Marco has been hard at work. Each artwork could be many works in one, becoming infinite with light variation. The ambiguity gives his creations a timeless quality that are best enjoyed in-person

So, tell us….What do you see?

The colors of temptation

MARCO's personal Favorite....NEON PINK

Warm Purple's

Oozing Yellows

Balancing it all with soothing Blues

The Gold leaf is High reflective, expressing itself uniquely upon every moment.

Because of growing demand For much of 2022 we had sold out of MARCO's work and we suspect that will be the case again in 2023.His continuing    progression  continues to astound collectors and admirers alike. He  embraces the power ambiguity,  allowing one image to capture every moment. The most recent  Kameo Series continues to blossom. in 2022 we received  our very first from the Di-silver series In 2022  we displayed the Largest Kameo Ever - 73 inches across. 

There is so much to say about Marco and why people love his Art. 

Looking at  his progressionthrough the past two decades is fascinating. The mysterious expression of the women portrayed catches the attention  of our collectors like no other. If you've been in front of one of his Artworks, i'm sure this photo presentation will transport you back to the experience.  If you haven't, we look forward to sharing the work with you in-person very soon..

Marco Grassi

Gold Leaf,  Oils on Metal 82x61