ISABELLA GARAFFA - her FALL Collection draws to close for 2022....

Isabella Garaffa was born in Asuncion, Paraguay,   She now lives and creates her artwork in Snowmass Village, where she has been residing for the last many years.  Her most treasured childhood memories are directly connected to her strong passion for the wilderness, which is translated throughout her artwork in very intense detail. Seeing Aspen trees for the first time at the age of twenty two, gave her a fresh approach to recreate them in her studio in later years.


Where the Eagles Soar  60x48



“60x48" acrylic on canvas“


I want to be in that place. Far, far away from troubles. There the air is thin. The blue of the skies take me to a place of wonder, where I think about eternal things. Things this world trashes as unimportant but oh, they do not know how very important they are. There’s something about that smell of dirt; walked over, trekked over, tendered and watered down by heavy rains and snow and thunder. But always giving life to the forest. And as a path breaks it apart for people to go on a journey the ground has treasures hiding from times and times past. Who will know them. Who can speak the language of nature? Who can sense the beauty that is beyond what is seen with the eyes? In that place where the mountains call me from afar, the seasons are each a story of the past, the present and the future. And the eagles have traced the airs above with each wind and rain and snow and storm. Their homes you cannot find. Way up in the crevices and the sharp turns on pyramid like mountain rocks, they have built their homes. I’m down below. I think I am the one looking at them. But they are higher than my perception, and long before I noticed their presence their eyes were already aware of my every step. I think I’m looking at them. But it is they who are looking at me. Many of times I wish I could feel the air like they do. Just jump from a tree branch and travel through the unknown trails of the skies. We don’t see the lines, but they know where they are without seeing. What a majestic being. What a beautiful place. I will keep every second of this moment alive forever in my soul. Where the eagles soar."



Decades in the making, ISABELLA has definitely found her calling. This local, self taught superstar pays homage to our surroundings like no other. Her  expressions of Aspen’s Winter are highly sort after. Check out the latest winter offerings HERE






Close up

"Where the Eagles Soar" 60x48