Career Breakthrough Show Runs Til the 23rd of July in Venice, then tours the world.

Michel Mirabal has returned to his much adored Venice in Glory after completing his scholarship there back in 2002. 


The show is presented in the exterior and interior space of the exquisite 15th century, Loredan Palace on the banks of the Grand Canal. His Presentation consists of six new paintings, two sculptures and six large installations.

More info on Building

(see leaflet below on a details of the  exhibition.)


The exhibition is led by a metal sculpture made from vehicle exhaust pipes (see below)


Mirabal then plans to tour the show globally for over 4 years.


With only a handful of works left @ the Aspen Art Gallery, grab your Mirabal from his first ever collection created on US soil before he blows up the Art world and while they are still available.

Click Image for in-depth look @ "Tough Love"

Click Image for in-depth look @ "Yesterday and Today"

Click Image for in-depth look @ "Zoom"

Click Image for in-depth look @ "Black Flag"

Click Image for in-depth look @ Rainbow Flag "SOMOS"

Show Breakdown


The origins of MICHEL MIRABALS Rise is truly remarkable and makes him one of the most important artists we have ever encountered. So proud to see one of his Artwork’s Nominated and used on the cover of a Grammy Nominated Album Michel Mirabal works with such Clarity of pure purpose.

His use of Materials are world renowned and unlike anything you have ever seen

Aspen Luxury Life features Michel Mirabal and the Aspen Art Gallery in the Winter 2017 issue: 

The Article sums up the "meteoric" rise of Michel Mirabal as a "Super Star" and the "face of Cuba". The Aspen Art Gallery continues to attract the World's best Artists... Keeping Aspen on the cutting edge of the Art world!

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