"Explosion" 87x48 - Michel Mirabal,

Michel Mirabal's continuing rise over the last few years is unbelievable. From the streets of Havana, to being flown to Aspen to complete his first collection work on US Soil, being purchased by presidents, being grammy nominated and attending and having work fly between our countries ,commercially just to name a few of his recent developments.

What defines him. what set him apart? Today, Lets take a closer look at the Materials he uses 


- Last USA Flag in small Scale

- Recent Opening of his Global SHOW @ Venice Beinnale

- The Origin of MICHEL MIRABAL Career


Flag series is a colorful and stunning representation of national flags.

They are painted on a wood boards, either blackened with charcoal or covered with newspaper.A closer look at these pieces can opens the pathways to deeper and more meaningful interpretations. Why rice, Barbed wire, keys, or bullet shells?

Rice is Humanity

The most traditional meals in Cuba always include rice. Through the frustrations of what keeps us separate….Religion, race, borders…sexuality.  Rice is symbolic of humanity. Every grain is much more alike than differing. All of us in this together. Of all the materials on the planet, rice connects us all. It feeds humans more than any other food. It is used in celebration and in mourning the loss of a loved one. 

Michel Mirabal's Artwork is alluding to the complexities of reality. He shows both the struggle and the strength of nations and people. The Polarity.

His unique talent invites us to govern interpretation as the taste is so distinct and captivating..

"Barded wire represents problem"

In his interview with the Aspen Times in June this year, Michel explained: "The barbed wire represents problem". The main "problem"s facing his fellow cubans are the different restrictions people face, the difficulty for people to create businesses and the lack of certain freedoms.

His Artwork has placed Michel in difficult situations in the past. Combining barbed wire and iconic flags wasn't something some Cuban officials were happy to see... From his point of view, Michel insists that he is painting problems that exist: "All countries have problems. The US has problems. But I'm upset for the things we (cubans) don't have." he explained to the Aspen Times.

"Explosion" 87x48 - Michel Mirabal,