Michel Mirabal explains what brought him to create the piece 'Black Flag', one of his most stunning Artworks, Only available at the Aspen Art Gallery

" This work is dedicated to the African-American culture, which I appreciate infinitely, for every thing they bring me as an artist and as a human being


Here are just a few People that have been know to support his Career - President Obama, Danny Glover, Quincy Jones, Muhammad Ali, Usher, Jay-Z, DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes and James Cruz.

This stunning work is dedicated to your on going support of Michel Mirabal!

- MICHEL MIRABAL - Translated from Spanish.

Black Flag - 36x48 - MICHEL MIRABAL

 Photo's Above Copyright is Michel Mirabal's Instagram

We encourage you to come at the Gallery to admire this piece in the flesh. Like the flames have just dissipated from a bonfire, this is one of the most powerful Artworks he's ever made... 

Black Flag was created Right here in Aspen!


Flying Michel Mirabal to Aspen.

One of Michel's iconic themes is his use of the American flag. His connections he has  forged between Cuba and the USA have gone way beyond his childhood dreams.

Including creating his very first works on American soil, exclusively for the Aspen Art Gallery

Michel and the Aspen Art Gallery team 

Michel work has been interpreted in infinite ways.

The many aspects of a single piece...

Michel leaves room for everyone to interpret his Artwork in their very own original way. This is probably why former president Obama and President Trump agree on one thing... His Art!

Dark areas and bright spots.