SUSAN MAKARA - her story, the purest visual Art experience

Art is about emotions, the very essence of life... Emotions can turn a pile of rocks into an unforgettable memory. For Susan Makara, it was also the ignition of the 'Rock Series', collected world wide, with 100+ Artworks and counting... Susan's experience illustrates the visual Art experience at its best, the connection between your heart and your eyes. 

Susan Makara Aspen Art Gallery

When Susan Makara was hiking in Sedona, Arizona, on a hot sunny day, she wasn't expecting what was about to happen. "I was kicking myself for not bringing water. [...] With every step I was thinking more seriously about turning back, when, unexpectedly, I came upon a sight that I will never forget." - SUSAN MAKARA

That was Susan's first encounter with 'Cairns' - those balanced piles of rocks, are stunning expression of the overlapping of nature and human beings. This sight filled her heart with joy. "I was mesmerized [...], I forgot about my thirst, my pain had vanished, and I spent the rest of the day photographing this precarious rock piles, as they glittered in Sedona's sunlight." - SUSAN MAKARA

This happened in the year 2000, and since, Susan Makara has painted over a 100 Artworks in her 'Rock Series'. She invented the medium to communicate her Sedona experience, and she allows people to feel exactly what she felt that day: "As an Artist, I knew that it was my job to convey the magics of cairns. I needed to capture that wonderful phenomenon in painting; and to do that, would require a series. Each piece would have been invested with the same inner glow that had enthralled me on that day. Soon I was lost in the task. I'd launched into the longest running painting series of my career." - SUSAN MAKARA


"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science." -  ALBERT EINSTEIN

“Bridging the Gap” 18x24

“Bridging the Gap” 18x24