Susan Makara, the "Rock Lady", on the wall of the US Embassy in Nepal.

One of the famous 'Rock Series' pieces is now hung on the wall of the US embassy Dining room in Kathmandu, Nepal!

Susan Makara Aspen Art Gallery

"Everyone who sees this work is fascinated by the play of light over the metallic leaf. It is, without a doubt, the most favored work in the house. Your work lends a personal touch to our cultural diplomacy and I have been very pleased to share this slice of America with the hundreds of visitors who attend events at my residence every year." U.S. Ambassador Alaina B. Teplitz wrote in her thank you letter for Susan.

The Embassy honored Susan's incredible Artwork by putting it on the cover page of their art catalogue... We are proud of her international recognition and to have Susan Makara available at Aspen Art Gallery!

 “Bridging the Gap” 18x24 - Available at the Aspen Art Gallery

 “Bridging the Gap” 18x24 - Available at the Aspen Art Gallery

"Cairns (balancing groups of rocks) allow us to ponder the balance of life. Painting is my medicine. It calms me. It is healing" - Susan Makara

Susan Makara fell in love with cairns in 2000 in Sedona, Arizona. She found herself surrounded by rock formations of every shape and size during her visit, and took several photos of the ones that defied her sense of gravity. She instantly felt a deep connection.  This was the moment that started her inspiration for the 'Rock Series'... The beginning of a huge success story, with over 100 pieces collected world wide.

Susan MakaraBen Tomkins