ISABELLE DUPUY - Large Scale Works

Can you guess which iconic location inspired this stunning creation??

that's right!, Independence pass

Recognized globally, our pass is scheduled to stay open until the end of October for the 2022 season. Isabelle depicts our surrounding  energy with her unique, handcrafted and innovative process. 3D Contemporary Impressionism. It's lush, vibrant and happy. 

Colorful Journey to the Summit, 2022, 60x72 (diptych)

Isabelle Dupuy

Isabelle currently has,

- Stunning Artworks of continuing her - The Waterfall Series 

- many other artworks depict snow capped mountains

- MONET painted Haystacks, ISABELLE DUPUY paints the Maroon Bells. 

- clear connections to our local nature and environment

- celebrations of our Glorious fall - Just Like Fall in Aspen


Smaller Scale, french classic depictions of Flower arrangements 

- recently endowed the gallery with a brand new era in French poppies

- mixing french tradition with the American midwest so wonderfully and harmoniously.

- currently offers a wide range of Monet inspired lilies

Enjoy your closer look Isabelle latest Winter Artworks!

Colorful Journey to the Summit,60x72 (diptych)