The EXPANSE series - Christopher Owen Nelson


The diversity of Christopher Owen Nelson's work doesn't fail to impress. Amongst all the different media and styles he is able to perform, his work on the EXPANSE series is one of his most successful creation. 

Last year he won the Cambridge University National prize for Painting with this purple Expanse shown below:



The reflection qualities of THE EXPANSE SERIES is quite amazing. You can see light reflected everywhere and objects appearing and disappearing depending on how the piece is exposed to natural and artificial sources of light.. It's a piece of Art you will discover over and over again.


The simplicity that first stands out, hides the infinite potential for what the artwork can inspire via further time and attention. 

We are lucky at the Aspen Art Gallery to have several pieces of THE EXPANSE SERIES. Some love them as single pieces, some love them as a composition. What's overwhelmingly clear is that no one walks passed them without feeling intrigued and attracted!


The creation of THE EXPANSES SERIES has given birth to amazing customized projects. 

Expanses CON 1 copy.jpg

Come and admire them in person at the Aspen Art Gallery!