Rising Star arrives at the Summit... Introducing Artist TYLER SEAN



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We are proud to introduce a new Artist, TYLER SEAN!

This self taught 23 years-old from South Florida has a huge talent. He has just won Best Rising Artist prize at Spectrum Miami. His creative process is a global innovation....Out of the Thousands of Artists that have approached the gallery over the years we feel he is the perfect fit, in the heights of Aspen!

More works are on the way....

Tyler Sean Aspen Art Gallery

Below are some of his Artworks, along with Artist statements that relate to these creations... Welcome to Tyler Sean's world!

Basquiat, 49.5 x 35.5 (with Frame) Available at the Aspen art Gallery

Basquiat, 48 x 36

"The original composition of this piece is a discussion of money and art, and the conflicting nature of their relationship. The artist gets put in a precarious situation, where it's either play by the rules or get out. Skeezy salesmen often dictate the value of your work, and the artist becomes caught in the middle- between gaining recognition and a platform to spread ideas, and losing ones creative integrity"


Twiggy 49.5 x 35.5 (with framing) Available at the Aspen art Gallery

Twiggy 48 x 36

"Twiggy is on a handmade wood panel, w/ fabric and aerosol collage. Twiggy herself is a hand drawn multilayer stencil, using a first-of-its-kind process I developed. Then the entire piece is coated in two thick coats of ArtResin. The piece is an original, 1 of 1. "


Tyler Sean Aspen Art Gallery

"This one's about people hiding behind things. Essentially anything other than self. Money and all that's cool, but self confidence and good intentions are cooler. Not saying I have em all the time, just saying I value them more. "  




Tyler Sean aspen Art Gallery

"This wall's legit, lots of ppl doing the same stuff cuz they know it'll sell. But the thing about doing the same stuff is that everyone can do it. I hope to continue to grow as an artist so i can get more specific with my expression."