JOHN PETREY - Recycling in the name of fashion


The Gallery Welcomed John Petrey to our cherished selection of Artists very recently(Launched the 6th of February), but he is not new to the world of fine Art... He committed to his passion for sculpting in 2003, was a photographer (since 1981) and a television Director.

He is inspired by the "Happy Days" of America, the 50s and 60s, and the "perfect world of television" that throws him back to his childhood. He remembers: "It didn’t matter what problem they had, it was solved in 30 minutes...the Vietnam War is going on, there’s a drug culture, but on TV, everything’s perfect.” - JOHN PETREY

In this short documentary filmed in his home state of Tennessee, John explains the road that takes these objects from the junk yard to the most prestigious Galleries in the World...

His sculptures transport the viewer, and it's fascinating hear John's expressions of how it all began. “Discovering a material that I’ve never seen before can actually make the hair on the back of my neck stand up as it sparks an idea in my mind. For instance, a material might be hard and rigid—meant for industrial purposes—I look beyond its intended use and re-purpose it in a new context.”  - JOHN PETREY

John sees textures and beauty that only he can see in forgotten objects... Then he reveals it to the World in the form of fine Art.