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John Petrey Aspen art Gallery

John Petrey spent the first two decades of his professional career as a food and beverage photographer and TV commercial director. He was a marketer and a businessman. But 11 years ago, Petrey sensed the need for a change. As a hobby he had always enjoyed building racing motorcycles and repairing vintage cars, so he started working with his hands again. He began exploring the pliable components of usually resistant materials. He experimented with copper, steel, aluminum, wood, vintage materials, and repurposed industrial materials, fashioning the unexpected: clothing.

John Petrey Aspen Art Gallery

Sculptured Couture

His dress series—crafted from large quantities of recognizable, often “everyday” materials such as plastic spoons, poker chips, license plates, and wooden rulers—reflects his ability to bring disparate parts into a cohesive and powerful statement.

John Petrey Aspen Art Gallery

An incredible Talent.

Throughout the 80s and 90s he gained national recognition, winning numerous awards as a photographer. In 2003 John closed his photography studio to pursue his passion for sculpture. Since then he has created a diverse body of work for private and corporate collections, exhibitions worldwide, and several iconic project including a creation for Disney Pixar Film "Brave". 

John Petrey aspen art gallery

The “happy days” of 1950s-1960s America

John's dresses are inspired by his childhood, as articulated through television sitcoms. He symbolizes this moment through a classic fashion construct—the shirtwaist dress, with its defined waist and full skirt.