Did you know…. Each of SHERRI MIGNONNE's creations are named after..........??


SHERRI MIGNONNE’s work has been absolutely blowing up in the gallery lately… and we are not surprised one bit.

Her use of metallic colors combined with her endless imagination makes for the perfect recipe for wowing anyone lucky enough to stand in front of her works.

Her work is known to define the very essence of Aspen… whether its a stunning depiction of the Maroon Bells or a Van Gogh inspired Aspen Starry Night…

But are all of SHERRI MIGNONNE’s works inspired by Aspen?

We believe the answer to this question lies in the titles of a few of her available works, including “Haynach Lake”, “Castlewood Point,” “Beautiful Peak” …. and of course '“Maroon Bells Autumn”.

Haynach Lake

Beautiful Peak

Castlewood Point

Maroon Bells