Freedom Within the Abstract - CHERI VILONA


One of the most beautiful parts about art is that the interpretation is up to us, the viewer. While artists do often give hints and small nudges to guide us in a certain direction, no two people will experience a piece of art in the exact same way as the other.

Light and nature are a major contribution to the freedom of our abstract artist, CHERI VILONA. She offers this wonderful celebration of Color and Texture giving us a small nudge towards ourselves, through Art -

Please enjoy this exclusive photo presentation of “Hillside Views” 40x40” and check out the rest of the Vilona Family and the gifts they share with the world HERE

“Hillside Views” 40x40”

“Hillside Views” 40x40”

Do you see hills? If not, what do you see?

CHERI’s work sheds light on the natural beauty of the American West - the region where her and her family of Artists reside.