Explore Tyler Seans use of Icons/Symbols - "4 Things" Series


“subject matter disappears, its a feeling’ Tyler Sean

Tyler Sean has a sublime gift for expression… not only has he embraced his own innovative technique through 100’s of hours of tedious work and 100’s of layers of paint but he offers us a supremely unique explosion of Aesthetic. He, somehow, encapsulates his perspective in short, sharp fireworks of image that completely satisfy our eyes at first glance but also offers an after taste that continues into eternity.

Here are ”4 things” Artist Tyler Sean has achieved since being exclusively launched 2 years ago at the Aspen Art Gallery.

  1. has blown up Aspen 3 times,

  2. Broken Records in the Gallery,

  3. won ‘Best new exhibitor’ @ Art Basel, and

  4. was hand selected to be exhibited at Art-Aspen 2019.

“Four Things” Series - Iconography in Art

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 1.37.42 PM.png

Tyler has most recently offered us stunning examples of Iconography in the work. Icon’s or symbols that touch our buttons and express everything from the slice of a single moment to the unique experiences of a generation.

Enjoy the three examples that are currently available at the gallery below

or check out his whole collection

4 little things 26x46

4 little things 26x46

4 things 50x72

4 things 50x72

Were all conflicted 50x82

Were all conflicted 50x82