Tyler Sean - Taking Aspen By Storm

One month ago today we put on the biggest show the gallery has ever had for TYLER SEAN’s newest collection, Palatable Consciousness.

Not only did TYLER make it in the paper and on TV… and has already sold over half of his new collection in one month!

Click here to see the Aspen 82 interview with TYLER SEAN and Damian Guillot.

While here in Aspen, TYLER also used his incredible talent to help the community by auctioning off one of his pieces and donating 10% of all sales during that week to Ascendigo Blue.. This resulted in a total amount of over $10,000.00 dollars donated to continue the amazing Work done to empower those with autism.

He is the inventor of his very own technique..

His message and his art are one-of-a-kind..

He blows up Aspen every time he comes..

The winner of the 2017 “Best Rising Artist Award” for Art Basel Miami.

Tyler SeanBen Tomkins