Since securing is place at the Aspen Art Gallery through his highly unique creative process, TYLER SEAN has unashamedly continued to push the boundaries and try new things, blowing up Aspen several times, paying homage to and being compared to some of pop Arts great icons. Tyler lives and breathes Art. He is simply an Artist who refuses to look back…. his excitement was palatable as he created his very first in his “Concrete Series”. This expression of concrete allows his very own innovative process (which is not digital) to be exposed twice. The first layer almost like a context, a backdrop to the second layering of his innovative technique. And twice as much work…..

“Look close, its a painting. 400 hrs. Not done with the piece” Tyler Sean

"Constantly aiming to get better, immersing myself in this process, trying to set myself apart from everyone else essentially"


Tyler Sean March 2022


Check out the recent TYLER SEAN Retrospective and his brand new In-depth page 


His very latest works astound... he has his  finger on the pulseGreater refinement of his process, a more simplistic elegance and many more hours to create 


- One Artwork has 144 layers of Spray paint, take a look

- Paying homage to the  Kelly Bag  in his very latest Aesthetic 

- Breathtaking creations, depicting  Alexander Hamilton 

“I’m constantly trying to perfect my process, and it’s alluring to think that means doing the same steps for each piece. But that is just not the case. That would take away the paralysis of indecision and questioning that comes with each one. But then i think i’m sacrificing something potentially new and great. And also it’s just boring, doing the same thing every time”

Tyler Sean

MEDUSA 50x38