MARCO GRASSI - CLOSE YOUR EYES - What thought? What Feeling? Make it Yours!


The raw energy of MARCO GRASSI is like no other….Like his fellow countrymen, Da Vinci he embraces the great powers of ambiguity to simply present a portal that allows the viewer to participate, fully in the work.

The closure of the eyes provides an added boost to the vail, protecting the possibility of your very own infinite unique interpretation of the image - not a dictation. (see how variation of light changes everything) Every imaginable thought or feeling can be transmitted through the most intimate portal between the genius of the the Artist and the Observer. A reflection as well as an image, presenting a unique opportunity for appreciation to turn into an electric current that releases repressions. Marco’s perfectly captures our amazing complexity and the many colors of our emotions. (explore the origins of how this gold works came about)

Enjoy this closer look @ Works with Closed Eyes