ISABELLA just Painted 15 Artworks in 54 days to fill the whole Gallery with her Creations for her SOLO Show. Aspens Local Media Embraced her with Newspaper, Television and Radio coverage her Show broke records and was massive successful..

With over 20 Works still currently available, it is still a must see if and when you are in Aspen this Winter 2024. 

“EASY MORNING - Snowmass” is receiving a ton of attention..

  This work is absolutely mind-blowing in-person .If your in Aspen it is a MUST SEE...



Isabella Garaffa was born in Asuncion, Paraguay,   She now lives and creates her artwork in Snowmass Village, where she has been residing for the last many years.  Her most treasured childhood memories are directly connected to her strong passion for the wilderness, which is translated throughout her artwork in very intense detail. Seeing Aspen trees for the first time at the age of twenty two, gave her a fresh approach to recreate them in her studio in later years.

Decades in the making, ISABELLA has definitely found her calling. This local, self taught superstar pays homage to our surroundings like no other. Her  expressions of Aspen’s Winter are highly sort after. Check out the latest offerings HERE

Brand New Release Today....

“EASY MORNING - Snowmass" 48 x 60 in. acrylics on canvas 

"When I go skiing with friends, I'm usually the one that stops in the middle of a run because l'm perplexed by the beauty of the mountain. The majority of people want to go skiing just for the fun of it, and so do I. But more than often I'm split in between having fun, or capturing moments that literally fly by you when you are going 40 miles /hr down the hill. But the perfect ski day, is an easy one; "What time should we stop for lunch? Whenever we get hungry. Where should we go? Wherever we feel like it. What time should we be done? Whenever we want to! ... those days are few and far between, but when they happen they are more than perfect, they are incredible!!! And is the essence of that kind of day I wanted to capture in this painting. There's no else on this run but you, or you and your friend of friends, and you are going wherever the wind takes you. Even a run like this one getting off mid station going down Dawdlers. Is usually for beginners, but who cares? It's an easy day.


“EASY MORNING - Snowmass” 4860