Isabelle Dupuy continues to astound us with her Homage to the most famous paintings in recent history...Monet's lilies


Isabelle Dupuy is a true master. For many of our dear collectors, her water lilies paintings are where their heart belongs...During her summer visit to Aspen she delivered A brand new era in the Classic French Poppy and an aspen/colorado collection like never before....


This summer Isabelle visited the gallery several times, delivering the most astounding collection of works ever comprising in one location. Check out the results


Her Official Summer 2023 collection


Known too for…

- Recently extended her "Maroon Bells Series"

after her highly extensive travels around Colorado


- Her classic depictions of Majesty of trees


- Smaller scale offerings


- Isabelle's continuing Waterfall series


- works celebrating the beauty of nature surrounding Aspen, Inspired by her many visits to Aspen



Imbedded in Isabelle's family legend is that when she was a child she was fascination by Van Gogh and Monet.

Her Water Lilies carry on a lovely Monet heritage, with a modern touch that is so characteristic of her famous "Contemporary 3D Impressionism".

As an artist, Isabelle have long enjoyed the beauty that comes from flowers blossoming in the still water. As Isabelle began to study, observe, and photograph these wild water lilies in the fall, winter and spring, she realized how much of a Pandora’s box they are in terms of shape, texture, color, and lighting.  

Not only is there a natural variety of water reflection, but also the lily pads and budding flowers illustrate nature’s true mysteries. As Isabelle unlocks the visual mystery on canvas, she can express different light based on the season and time of the day.  This lends the chance to create a variety of pieces that are very colorful and unique.

Isabelle Dupuy

Reflective Waters of the Lily Pond, 2023

Original Acrylic

36 x 60 in

Isabelle Dupuy

Water Lilies of Colorful Beauty
Original Acrylic
40 x 20 in



Isabelle Dupuy


Lilies of Summer Beauty,

Original Acrylic

30 x 40 x 2 in

Isabelle Dupuy


Water Lilies of Bright Reflection,2023
36 x 48 in