The Aspen Art Gallery is Very Pleased to Announce....


ISABELLE DUPUY - Gallery Visit. This Saturday ONLY, 2nd of September 2023


Isabelle will be Painting in the Gallery

Presenting her Fall 2023 collection and new show …."the Meadows" Series Begins


Since her most recent extensive travels around Colorado, Isabelle has delivered the most stunning Collection of Aspens and Maroon Bells creations ever




ISABELLE DUPUY offers joy, texture and color like no other. Expanding the very horizons of expressionism with her very own innovated creations and style - 3D Contemporary Expressionism….but at the same instant anchored in the most pure traditions of where she was trained and where it all begun. Provence, France.

Full Current Collection


Known too for…

- Recently extended her "Maroon Bells Series" 

after her extensive travels around Colorado

- Her classic depictions of Majesty of trees

- Smaller scale offerings

- Homage to Monet

- Isabelle's continuing Waterfall series

- works celebrating the beauty of nature surrounding Aspen, Inspired by her many visits to Aspen

ENJOY your exclusive, First Look @ Her 2023 Fall Collection

Isabelle Dupuy

Sunset on Maroon Bells

Original Acrylic

40 x 60 

Isabelle Dupuy

Aspens of the Plateau, 2023

40 x 30 in

Isabelle Dupuy

Bright Sunrise on the Summit,

Original Acrylic

40 x 60 x 2 in

Isabelle Dupuy

Pathway of Golden Aspens, 2023

Original Acrylic

36 x 60 x 2 in

Isabelle Dupuy

Golden Sunset of Mountain Beauty

48 x 48