ISABELLE DUPUY has created the most breath-taking Maroon Bells Series the Summer. Our collectors snapped up two of her most recent creations while they were still drying in her Studio.


The Gallery is excited two give you a small taste of what is to come NEXT

Sunset on Maroon Bells,  40x60

Bright Sunrise on the Summit, 40x60


Our Maroon Bells are part of Aspen's identity and pride. The twin peaked mountain is picture perfect... And is the most photographed peak in America. With stunning elements of reflection and water in Nature. Isabelle rides a fine line between reality and abstraction: it's easy to recognize real features in her Artwork: Aspen trees, mountains, rivers... Isabelle starts with a very personal and specific inspiration that evolves on the canvas to be highly accessible and non-didactic. Imploring you to participate in the painting with her….Making it your Mountain…that then becomes anywhere and everywhere…yours. 



Bright Sunrise on the Summit, 40x60



Sunset on Maroon Bells,