TYler Sean

"Constantly aiming to get better, immersing myself in this process, trying to set myself apart from everyone else essentially" Tyler Sean March 2022

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His very latest works astound... he has his  finger on the pulse 

Greater refinement of his process, a more simplistic elegance and many more hours to create 


- One Artwork has 144 layers of Spray paint, take a look

- Paying homage to the  Kelly Bag  in his very latest Aesthetic 

- Breathtaking creations, depicting  Alexander Hamilton 

"Comme des Gracons Shirt" Tyler Sean


Multi layers of spray paint on Canvas

Most recently Tyler has advanced his Artistic technique to create a more elegant and simplified Aesthetic. It’s clearly elevated his message and brings a fresh maturity to the expressions. “Catching Capitalism” with both hands

Currently available

  • Depictions of the great Alexander Hamilton

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Where do extreme explosions of value in our counter culture come from? When does Art slide from being a pretty idea to a global commodity? Tyler Sean is renowned for having his finger on the pulse. Somehow paradoxically questioning this value but at the same time celebrating it with a sense of awe.

"Gucci Bear" Tyler Sean


Multi layers of spray paint on Canvas