MARK YALE HARRIS - The Alchemist, Turns Bronze into Stone.


In the world of Fine Art sculpture, Carbondale, CO artist Mark Yale Harris is the master of texture. 

You can see why one might presume his sculptures are made of stone. Admirers attempt to guess the type of stone: granite from the close-by Crystal Valley? Limestone? Alabaster?...

Collectors from all over the world fall in love with the harmonious lines and shapes of Mark's sculptures. When they realize that their presumption about the material used was wrong, the absolute gravity of MARK YALE HARRIS's commitment to his craft and practice is evident.

Yes Mark Yale Harris turns metal into stone.

Mark went through years of learning and in the latter stages of life, he transformed from a highly successful businessman to world renowned Artist. After thousands of failed tries and several successful ones, he was also taught by some of the best in the world, like Terry Allen, Jo Harvey and James Surls. He travels on regular basis all over the world to get inspired by different techniques and materials. 

Watch Mark himself explaining the process:

Driven by one simple mission - to invite us to feel, purely via form, Mark is not only mentored by the greats but inspired by the most stunning stone he can find in the world. 

Mark Yale Harris Aspen Art Gallery
Mark Yale Harris Aspen Art Gallery