New Artist in the Gallery - Introducing Sculptor John Cassibry


Have you ever seen something so perfect that it fills up your mind with joy and happiness? This is what John Cassibry's Artwork does. 

John Cassibry Aspen Art Gallery
John Cassibry Aspen Art Gallery

John Cassibry's wood spheres are astonishing creations, an emotional trigger, incredibly powerful and positive... Fine Art at its best! 

They come in different finishes: 'Silver', 'Gold' and 'Natural' (wood), and sizes (12, 15 and 20 Inches diameter).

john Cassibry Aspen Art Gallery

About jumping in the adventure with the Aspen Art Gallery, John Cassibry says:

I see my adventures as an artist woven into the lyrical fabric of Willie Nelson’s “Time of the Preacher,” as he sings, “An’ just when you think it’s all over/ it’s only begun.” I am a romantic guy ready to let you see my soul. Now, on the verge of a relationship with Aspen Art Gallery, the final thought of author Carlo Rovelli’s Seven Brief Lessons on Physics describes perfectly the lump in my throat, “Here, on the edge of what [I] know, in contact with the ocean of the unknown, shines the mystery and beauty of the world. And it’s breathtaking. 

"The journey is the thing!" John Cassibry

A warm welcome to John Cassibry in the Aspen art Gallery family!!