Malotte and Rae: How 1+1= A World of Infinite Possibilities


Malotte and Rae are the perfect match. They are a unique example of a long lasting relationship between two artists who have created much more than Artwork together... Together, they have paved a successful career as one!

Malotte and Rae Aspen art Gallery

Deborah Malotte (Left on the Photo) creates the metal structure, and Pamela Rae (right) creates the characters. The harmony of their creations is perfect!



Everything in life radiates an energy, be it a person, a colorful field of sunflowers or the wild and beautiful ocean. Liquid patinas, copper and fire emanating from my torch are that energy to me. The process comes alive and moves and changes before my eyes. I feel I’m more like the watcher, seeing the changing of colors and patterns…" - DEBORAH MALOTTE

Malotte and Rae Aspen art Gallery

“I realized communication is the key to almost everything; friendships, lovers, work, animals and nature. When my work shows subtle communication between people and or animals and nature I feel that it touches my audience on a level that everyone can enjoy.” - PAMELA RAE

Malotte And Rae Aspen Art Gallery


"We try to evoke references to natural and man-made environments with communication as a prominent theme. We hope our unique collaborative work has an earthy feel while still exhibiting the elements of contemporary art." MALOTTE AND RAE

Malotte and Rae Aspen Art Gallery
Malotte and Rae Aspen Art Gallery