TYLER SEAN - 'Business of sincere Expression'


"'Business of Sincere Expression' is a discussion of money and art, and their often conflicting relationship. Once art reaches a certain acclaim, it becomes more of a commodity than a think piece. I just wanted to relay this topic in a new, beautiful way. For this specific piece, I employed the symbolic value of an original Warhol (Mao), and paired it with the face of Benjamin Franklin. Ben's face seemingly fits fluidly with the piece, and the distinction between art and currency becomes, literally, even more blurred. " - TYLER SEAN

Tyler Sean entered the world of the Aspen Art Gallery at the beginning of the year, shortly after he won the best rising Artist prize at Art Basel Miami. We anticipated a large success for this young genius... We didn't know that over half of his collection was going to sell in the first 2 months!

His message is powerful, and his technique is striking. 'Business of sincere expression' (49x49) is one of his most powerful artworks thus far.

Money and Art - a "colluding relationship"

The face of Benjamin Franklin...

...and Mao's.