The Sky Is Your Canvas - SHERRI MIGNONNE 2018/19 COLLECTION


Have you ever glanced straight up when walking through a forest?

A new kind of beauty is born right before your eyes… the sky suddenly becomes a living canvas and your creativity blossoms.

Sherri Mignonne captures this unique perspective with one of many pieces in her brand new collection

Her imagination truly has no limits...and her use of metallic colors never ceases to blow her audience away… She has just delivered for the busiest time of the year 7 Brand new work for the 2018/19 winter season

Please enjoy our photo presentation of this magnificent work and let your creative side run wild!


Sherri Mignonne “Bear Mountain Vista” 48x48


What shapes do you see in the negative space?


An eye?

“Bear Mountain Vista” 48x48.jpg

Sherri Mignonne “Bear Mountain Vista” 48x48 (Christmas 2018)