Talking Without Words - MALOTTE & RAE


As human beings, we are constantly communicating back and forth with one another... even when we aren’t speaking. In fact, according to communications expert, Dr. Albert Mehrabian, an estimated 55% of all communication is nonverbal.

MALOTTE & RAE, perfectly capture the infinite possibilities of art and human expression through their work… and their creative process is unlike any other. They create the work, you tell the story!

This week we become body language experts by examining MALOTTE & RAE’s incredible collection and the postures chosen for each unique piece… Do you agree with the experts? Let’s find out!


Lying down with legs open: Indicates open-ness and a sense of trust.

Head resting on hand: The person interested and attentive to what is happening.


Legs crossed with ankle over knee: Indication of confidence and dominance

Head resting on fist: The sign of being in deep thought.


Open legs: Indication that a person is feeling good and safe.

Relaxed posture: Means that everything is A-okay!


Legs crossed at ankles: Indicates that you are refined, elegant and open-minded.