Functional, Fine and Astounding - Larger scale - JIM VILONA


At first glance, JIM VILONA’s work is beyond stunning…

Once his process is revealed in more detail, our awe at Vilona’s Unique talent is brought to a new level. The time, energy and creativity… the forging of metal...the carving of stone...the assembly...the choice of material...and eventually a masterpiece.

This is why it’s was no surprise when JIM VILONA told us he was voted America’s top 12 living artists by HBO…and the reason his work can be found in homes and businesses across the globe.

Custom Forged Floor lamp with Hand-Carved Onyx Lampshade

A perfect example of this extensive process is one of his latest pieces in his available collection...The Custom Forged Floor lamp with Onyx Lampshade (Shown below).

Vilona-Floorlamp w- Onyx Lamp Hand Carved- 74x16x28.jpg

VILONA art is literally millions of years forged for your pleasure...capturing the very essence of time. For example, the lamp head was hand-carved from a block of Onyx just like the one below.


In ancient times, Onyx was seen to protect people from conflict, ranging from labor pains to battle wounds. Today, many still believe that this precious stone holds a variety of benefits - including increased vigor, strength, stamina and self-control. It is also said to alleviate worry, tension, nervousness, confusion and nightmares.. - JewelsForMe

Below are close-ups of the Onyx lampshade carved by JIM VILONA.