Trees are symbolic of beauty, strength, wisdom and eternal life... They deliver a universal message that is like no other. Isabelle Dupuy continues to astound us with nature. It is traditional in France to paint the glorious man-planted trees,  


Maple, Oaks and Cherry Blossom Trees.


Currently, we also offer everything we love about Colorado, embracing the most amazing elements of Aspen Colorado, including her very latest Winter Triumph and a homage to our local ghost-town, Ashcroft.


Humans have been shaping the very nature of french territory for thousands of years... They've been doing it for long enough that a harmonious and shared habitat has been established, visible in the landscapes, and celebrated in Isabelle's work .


Without trying to replicate landscapes, she is inspired by nature and lays on the canvas her very personal vision of it, balancing the elements of fantasy and abstraction with her extraordinary connection to place. Turning it into a special place indeed. Your Place.


The 3 dimensional aspect of her work allows her to play uniquely with light and shadows, expressing some of the most beautiful contrasts to be found in nature.


Isabelle Dupuy

Maple of the Rushing Waters,Original Acrylic 36 x 60 in


The trees she paints are, mainly, ones planted by humans. She explores the connectivity of humans and nature and their contribution to each other's environment. "Browns, oranges, yellows and greens of every character glisten from the foliage telling their own story and character " ISABELLE DUPUY.


Isabelle Dupuy

Colorful Stream of the Mountains 36 x 60 in

"Nothing tells the season better than the trees". ISABELLE DUPUY The relationship also connects her Artwork to her French heritage.


Isabelle Dupuy

Meadow of Cheerful Colors,Original Acrylic36 x 48 in