Grey to Gray - Your in-depth look at TODD GRAY's transformation of the World Trade Center


Coming up to 20 years since the attacks in 2001 devastated New York, the area was brought back to life by your Artist who is Pure Fun. TODD GRAY
His unique spirit..Snap crackle pop..has blown up the Aspen Art Gallery…We even have a Sculpture that is “Taller than Tom Cruise” lol but seriously. TODD’s work is Aspen, Warhol and sculpture all in one..

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TODD was one of several artists commissioned by Silverstein Properties in partnership with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to bring his bright colors and happy vibes to the business-focused district. The mural that TODD painted for the project took a total of 18 days to complete with a team of four people.

I have been asked many times how this mural came about and how I got it. My pat answers are generally tongue in cheek… well, I guess you work your ass off for 35 years and evidently you get a mural… or, it was the grace and benevolence of the universe. Truth is, it was both of these. It was also many more. Getting the opportunity to have my art larger than life, front and center in such a holy and special place has, and is, among the most special and important things I have ever had the opportunity to do. It's humbling, and often I have no words. There were many angels involved... Most importantly, Peter Tuchman, Doug Smith World Trade Gallery Hilary Rose Mix Her Royal Majesty, Pitchblack, John Carr and so many more! BobbyG., CJ Alvarado, Conradstojak (If we missed you we still love you but couldn’t find your IG handle! lol)⠀

Only gratitude. Every day, to this day, I get sent images from people around the world, taking smiling happy pictures in front of this monstrous wall of color. People jumping, dancing, smiling, posing… groups of tourists, families… all from around the world. People who have come long distances (and short) to this singular dot on the map, we call the World Trade Center. A place in need of healing as much as anywhere on the planet. It is humbling to have played, and be able to continue to play a small part in the healing of this holy space. ⠀TODD GRAY


Todd’s masterwork was done on a corrugated metal wall, making it an especially complicated project. The work was inspired by one of his sculptures, as he explains “I basically took one of my sculptures and flattened it on this wall.” TODD and his team also had to deal with a little rain… but after one look at the massive mural it’s clear that nothing can stop him!

Aspen, Warhol and sculpture all in one..

Here is a video highlighting TODD’s World Trade Center mural.