TYLER SEAN - Benjamin Franklin "The Money"


BENJAMIN FRANKLIN series continues with this pure and simple one off....

Back in late 2017 we launched a 23 year old artist with huge potential and talent . His understanding of pop art went beyond his years... many of his works show clear inspiration from world renowned pop artists .

Tyler Sean loves to confront and explores extreme expressions of value across our culture, comparing Art with commerce.

TYLER won the Best Rising Artist Prize for Spectrum/ArtBasel Miami. 

He’s the inventor of his very own technique.. and most recently unlocked a brand new aesthetic

Tyler’s very latest collection “Catching Capitalism” brings a matured, timeless elegance, stretching his innovated process to new heights

Today, we take a closer look at one of his newest pieces, “Benny”. One of the most iconic symbols of our currency, Our 100 dollar bill personified and timelessly celebrated in Art. Ben has been stenciled via a painstaking, hand-crafted process that takes 100’s of hours and mixes Money exquisitely with Art.

whose face is in the middle? - The answer is Benjamin Franklin - one of two non-presidents displayed on U.S. bills. But why him?

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 5.30.57 PM.png

Ben Franklin “was the only founding father to have signed the three most important documents that led to Independence: Treaty of Alliance with FranceTreaty of Paris and the Declaration of Independence.

In addition to his political endeavors, Ben Franklin was also an accomplished scientist and entrepreneur - credited for inventing the street lamp, odometer, lighting rod, bifocals and more. - Ben Franklin Historical Society

its been tough to stay focused cuz theres so much hype and trends in the art world now and so many crazy numbers being flown around but the less i pay attention, the more unique work ill put out.