"LOVE WINs" with Todd Gray


American pop artist, Todd Gray is Pure Fun….he has recently has transformed the world trade center and snap/crackle/POP blown up the Gallery. The Gallery currently has an extensive collection of his works heading into summer 2021.

The Gallery is very proud to share the news of donated creation - Love Wins, a one-of-a-kind, 3-dimensional sculpture that he created specifically for the Ellison Institute, featuring words of inspiration from clinic staff.

the Ellison Institute tackles difficult questions in healthcare and medical research to push the boundaries of medicine. We offer multifaceted programs, including a cancer clinic, cross-disciplinary research laboratories, a health policy think-tank, and community outreach and educational programs at our Institute.



Love Wins again! I was asked to create a sculpture for the Lawrence Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine. A world class cancer research facility in Los Angeles, California. I gave the subject matter some considerable thought and this happy, inspiring wall sculpture was the result. I’m in good company here... Ai Wei Wei, Koons, Indiana, Hirst... Its an honor.



Snapshots from my recent installation at the Lawrence Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine. When Mr. Ellison isn't building the largest yachts on the planet, or running the largest companies on the planet, or buying actual Hawaiian Islands (you read that right)... he is also doing amazing and wonderful and beautiful things like this world class cancer and research institute in Los Angeles. Its pretty much, (the Oracle) Larry Ellison's world....my sculpture just gets to live in it...⁠



⁠The Ellison project has been such a beautiful opportunity that just fell from the sky. To even be considered to take part in such a prestigious institution as the Larry Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine has been an honor. This honor is one I have worked to achieve for much of my career.


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