Isabelle Dupuy - Painting, Live at the Gallery weekend 4th and 5th June 2021


"From Provence to Aspen".

From her childhood memories of Provence, France to all the unique nature that Aspen, Colorado has to offer….

21092- Sunset on Poppy Meadows, 2021, 40x70.jpg
21027- Summit of Majestic Beauty, 2021, 48x72 .jpg

French-Born and trained ISABELLE DUPUY, will be in Aspen, to celebrate her 2021 New Summer Collection, over 40+ Artworks Available

ISABELLE DUPUY offers joy, texture and color like no other.

Expanding the very horizons of expressionism with her very own innovated creations and style - 3D Contemporary Expressionism….but at the same instant anchored in the most pure traditions of where she was trained and where it all begun. Provence, France.

Isabelle Dupuy is the biggest mover of Artwork in the history of the Gallery for a reason: people find the same connection with her Artwork they feel with nature, particularly when they are in the middle of enjoying everything Aspen has to offer.

The 3 dimensional aspect of her work allows her to play uniquely with light and shadows, expressing some of the most beautiful contrasts to be found in nature.

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The Brevity of her work sets her apart

"From Aspen to Provence "

From this stunning depiction Aspens at sunset to….her classic depiction of french Sycamores along a stream (See Below)

Aspens of the Colorful Sunset 36x60


Glorious Sycamores of the Colorful Stream,36x60


From this expression of Aspens after the first Autumn snowfall to ….her Cherry Blossom blooming at the heights of Spring (See Below)

Reflection at First Snow 40x30


Cherry Blossoms of Peaceful Waters 40x30


From this Aspen Classic Painting of the Maroon Bells to ….her absolute homage to a french great…Monet (See Below)

Mountains of the Colorful Sky, 36x60


Water lilies of Calm Reflection.36x60