Launching....BRAND NEW ARTIST To the Gallery



Turkish self-taught and internationally acclaimed artist, Alea Pinar Du Pre, portrays vibrant large-scale artworks with a pop art twist. With an immense curiosity in the nature of reality, Pinar Du Pre creates artistic metaphors within her mixed media collage portraits, building on the synthetic intensity of digital art while administrating inner perceptiveness .I love playing around with materials and finding new ways of using classical art substances. My curiosity and playful nature constantly inspire me to invent new, unique techniques.

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We now have, on offer her very latest in 3 series…….


With 'SNAPSHOT' I am trying to capture the fleeting moments of vibrant humanity lived within our consumer-obsessed culture, and to wittily contrast these faked and masked existences within a wider context.

The building blocks of our true nature are all the same. We consist of the same atoms, created billions of years ago in a supernova. And here we are living and breathing and experiencing life, and we think we are all so different. I think we are all the same, it’s just that are masks and poses are different. I love humanity and this game we are playing. With snapshot I am trying to capture the unawareness of the fact that we are the greatest wonder of the universe.

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‘After the Masters’ playfully builds a new bridge between past and present, the analogue and the digital. It questions the meaning of current events, the momentum of rapidly developing technology and our cultural heritage. It invites us to consider how our own society’s iconic relationship with technology will be seen in the future. It reaches a hand towards who we were, while we are becoming something completely new.



In my latest series displayed here, named Space / Time, we encounter visions of the ruptures in the impermanent moment. In short, my portraits touch on the nature of individual identity and how we’re coded to try to de-code female beauty and success. I further try to absorb the audience with the depth of artistic craft designed to visually and physically uncover hints of the inexplicable in existence itself...