ISABELLE DUPUY - Completed these Mammoth Sycamores right out front of the Gallery


With the leaves beginning to turn....Here is a serving of the breath-taking colors that are about to stun locals and visitors alike.

Enjoy...this full presentation of…

”Peaceful Sycamores of Enchanted Streams” 60x72

ISABELLE DUPUY was just here in the early summer 2021.Painting in the gallery. Her summer thus far has surpassed all expectations and broken records…

Isabelle very latest offerings include


Isabelle Dupuy is the biggest mover of Artwork in the history of the Gallery for a reason: people find the same connection with her Artwork they feel with nature, particularly when they are in the middle of enjoying everything Aspen has to offer.

The 3 dimensional aspect of her work allows her to play uniquely with light and shadows, expressing some of the most beautiful contrasts to be found in nature.

Look out for new works coming very soon…

Peaceful Sycamores of Enchanted Streams 60x72

Peaceful Sycamores of Enchanted Streams 60x72