ISABELLA GARAFFA - Get ready for “The First Snow”


Somewhere between mid September to early October, the valley receives our first snow. ISABELLA GARAFFA’s is enthused by this new door opening to changing season. Any day now. Isabelle captures the temperature, the atmosphere, the expression of light and shade, the object and space like no other!

Introducing “The First Snow” 30x40

The latest FALL offerings are exquisite, we cant wait until it all begins and capture the mood of Mother Nature herself…. her winter expressions, (“when the wind moves” ) have been attracting unprecedented attention. Even a homage to world recognized Maroon Bells

Decades in the making, ISABELLA has definitely found her calling. This local, self taught superstar pays homage to our surroundings like no other. Her upcoming expressions of Aspen’s Winter will be highly sort after.

Enjoy your closer look @ “THE FIRST SNOW” 30x40 by Isabella Garaffa

30x40 “The First Snow”

30x40 “The First Snow”