Why Get a Commission done??


Getting a personalized commission from Artist Isabella Garaffa can be a meaningful and enriching experience for several reasons:

Unique Artwork: Isabella Garaffa's art reflects her deep connection to nature and her personal journey, making each piece unique and filled with personal significance. By commissioning a piece from her, you can own a one-of-a-kind artwork that speaks to your individual tastes and preferences.

Joy and Beauty: Isabella Garaffa's art is described as "happy, happy, happy painting," inviting viewers to experience joy and discover the beauty that surrounds us. Owning one of her artworks can bring a sense of happiness and positivity to your space, serving as a daily reminder to appreciate the beauty in life.

Personal Connection: Commissioning a piece from Isabella Garaffa allows you to establish a personal connection with the artist. You can collaborate with her to create a custom artwork that resonates with your interests, memories, or aspirations, making the final piece even more special and meaningful to you.

Artistic Journey: Isabella Garaffa's journey as an artist, from her early experiences in the fashion industry to her rediscovery of painting and her deep connection to nature, adds depth and richness to her artwork. By supporting her as an artist through a commission, you become a part of her creative journey and contribute to her continued growth and success.

Recognition and Prestige: Isabella Garaffa's work has been featured in various publications, exhibitions, and events, both locally and internationally. By owning a commissioned piece from her, you become a part of her artistic legacy and gain recognition as a collector of fine art.

Overall, commissioning a personalized artwork from Isabella Garaffa can be a rewarding experience that not only adds beauty to your surroundings but also allows you to support and connect with a talented artist whose work resonates with you.

How to Commission ISABELLE DUPUY

 Explanation and Examples

Step 1.

Sending a proposal.

- we detail exactly what you love. (very straight forward)

- we put into writing the elements you desire and detail in point form.

- Potential for conversation with the Artist.


Step 2.


- We send all instruction to the artist


Step 3 

Artwork Creation and delivery

- Artwork set to dry 

- Art packed and crated, insured and shipped so it is pristine and perfect at your door.


This whole process,with your co-operation, can take 5-6 weeks. Of course we love to under promise and over delivery…

Example 1 "When it Begins"



and Clients photos 

isabella took photos on locaton







What we Know thus Far…...

Clients understand what ISABELLA is doing is not a copy of a previous painting but it will be their very own “one of a Kind” artwork in its own right

- By Far we are most excited by the natural flair and exquisite talent of ISABELLE GARAFFA. Please use that as much as possible
- The Artwork will be inspired by a previous Artwork “From the Chairlift” (see Image Below)
- Client loves the clouds and Sky
- Love the Layers expressed in which expresses distance, Temperature and a sense of light
- Client was drawn to the particular painting compared to many others because of its Openess…

    • Love how “From the Chairlift” makes you feel as if you are in the picture, captures our “Happy Place.”
    • Love the sparkles, they capture something you see when the first light hits the facets of fresh fallen snow that a photograph cannot.
    • Love the mountain range and scattered clouds in the background, the 80” commission will capture even more of this…
    • Love the detail on the Aspen Trees and Evergreens.
    • Love the shadows on the snow and sporadic rays of light from the sun pushing through. Would love this to feel like early morning.
    • Want the feel of an early morning after a heavy snow, less ski tracks, maybe fresh tracks behind the skiers…
    • Want to incorporate our 2 daughters, one in a purple jacket (10 years old) and the other in a pink jacket (8 years old)…
    • Would love to see the light radiating from the sun, maybe the sun partially behind a cloud, illuminating the cloud as it often does at the top of the mountain (see below)

Additional photos/point as of 30th March 2024
(See below) photos that inspired the original Artwork…but further back of course...
(See below)  photo Isabella Took of the Iconic Maroon bell to assist in filling the length of your Canvas