Artist statement

MICHEL MIRABAL ABOUT PROUD I - Acquired by one of our dear collectors.

Michel Mirabal Aspen art Gallery

"This is an Artwork I did in Aspen Colorado. The inspiration was the glorious American people, since I come from a country that is constantly talking about things that I discovered are wrong.

I realized that the people of the United States are heroes and great patriots. I was inspired by the greatness of the United States and especially with its people. I wasn't so much by the decisions of its government: what fills me with pride is that when they have an international conflict they all come together, no matter if they are republican or democrats... They all come together for their country and that is its pride."

Our superstar from Cuba is  'Michel Mirabal’. In June 2017 we flew him to Aspen in order to create the first Artwork he ever did in the US. Check out what he did! 

Michel Mirabal Aspen Art Gallery


Michel Mirabal graduated in Visual Arts at the Fine Arts National Academy San Alejandro (1996), studied in New York at the Rockefeller Scholarship (1997) and specialized in Industrial Design at the High Institute of Design in Havana. Worked as a scenery painter for the Cuban National Ballet Company, and for the Production Department of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC).Through its reflective of Cuban flags, created from petals and barbed wire paints, he expresses. The questioning of the official speeches, the play with patriotic symbols and the metaphors through real elements such as rice, bullet casings, and barbed wire, are some of the resources used to create reflective pieces, open to different interpretations in dependence on whoever contemplated.

Private Collectors and Public Collections:

–    Mohamed Ali

–    Donald Trump

-    Barrack Obama

–    Angela Mizzoni

–    Martin Luther King Foundation

–    Afro-American Foundation, NY, USA

–    Quincy Jones

–    Carlos Santana

–    George Nader

–    Rockefeller Museum, NY, USA

–    Rockefeller family, NY, USA

–    Rene Preval, Haiti President

–    Fidel Castro, Havana, Cuba

–    Bellas Artes Museum, Havana, Cuba

–    Bellas Artes Museum, Medellin, Colombia

–    Gabriel García Márquez



The artist, whose paintings have been bought by diverse collectors such as Barrack Obama, Donald Trump, Muhammad Ali, Quincy Jones, Carlos Santana,  Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez, actor Danny Glover, the Rockefeller Museum, the Cuban Council of State, former Haitian President Rene Preval among others.

Aspen Times:

Michel Mirabal Aspen Art Gallery


Cuban Painter Michel Mirabal Donates Work of Art to ICAO in Montreal




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2011- Tour USA, NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami.

2010- Tour USA, NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami.

2009- Collective Expo collection National Council of Plastic Arts. National Theater of Cuba.

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Private collections

- René Preval, President of Haiti - Cultural Foundation, Martha _Jean Claude, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

- Council of State, Republic of Cuba - Family Fidel Castro, Havana Cuba - Museo Bellas

Arts, Medellín, Colombia - Bellas Artes Museum, Bogotá, Colombia - Gabriel García Márquez -

Muhamed Ali - Angela Mizzoni - Martin Luther King Foundation - African American Foundation for New

York, USA - Quincy Jones - Santana --Mike b fernandez- carlos gutierres -ariel pereda- andres

Fanjul - paul l cejas - anoten sehnoui - stongate bank, barack obama -

Embassy of usa in havana - embassy of cuba in otawa canada -

Main personal exhibitions

2016 personal expo at home of sugar mogul, andres fanjul palm beach, florida.

2016 art for first American mastercard to use in Cuba

2015 expo in gallery rene valdez, foundation cawayo, santiago de cuba

2015 expo concert with carlos varela, at the magnate's house, mike fernandez

2015miami art basel

2014 photographic expo, galiano gallery, havana cuba

2014, mural in wynwood, miami florida

2014 miami art basel

2013 gallery cuban art center, chelsea, new york.

2012 cison museum of valmarino, venetto, italia.serie flags

2011 Bienal de La Habana 2012 Complaints and Suggestions, complex Morro Cabaña.

2011 Marlborough Chelsea Gallery, NYC, USA

2010 / 11- USA Tour, Los Angeles, NYC, San Francisco, MIami.

2010-Museo cisión de valmarino, Venezia.

2010 - Gallery jessolo, Venezia, painting and freedom.

2009- 10m to biennial of Havana, here escaping.

2009 - Duvuells Gallery, Paris.

2008 - Sandals Gallery, London.

2008- Marbella, Spain. Fair Marbella.

2008- Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Havana. Identity.

2007- La Rama Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal. Quick and not furious.

2007- Palma de Mayorca, Spain. Expo Feria Art Cologne.

2007- Santander, Spain. Cantabria Gastronomic.

2006- O Y, Gallery, Miami, Florida. The story that suits us.

2006- Mirage, Gallery. Paris, I saw her.

2005- Buenos Aires, Argentina. Expo backstreet, Art Fair.

2005- Gallery Gran Teatro de La Habana, Havana Biennial, Havana. Cuba. Coffee with milk.

2004 - Gallery, National Council of Plastic Arts, Havana, Cuba. Metamorphosis.

2004 - Servando Cabrera Gallery, Havana, Cuba. The history that suits us I.

2003- Not only diamond, Gallery, Mexico. The story that suits us 2.

2003- O Y Gallery, Miami, Florida. I'm from Cuba.

2003- Miltong Gallery, Kingstong, Jamaica. That's how I am.

2002 - Colón Gallery, Matanzas, Cuba. My neighborhood.

2002- Martha Jean_Claude Foundation, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. My hands.

2002- The Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba. Oquendo 358.

2001- Fundación Hermanas Mirabal, Dominican Republic. My hands.

2001 - Meliá Varadero Gallery, Havana, Cuba. Ink of madness.

2001- Itinerant, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica.

2000- International Press Center, Havana, Cuba. Crazy ink

1999 - Gallery The Acacia, Havana, Cuba. Is what you see.

1998- Habana Libre Gallery, Havana, Cuba. Round trip.

1998- Itinerant: Fine Arts Museum, Medellín, Centro Paisa Gallery,

Medellín, National Museum of Arts, Bogotá, Colombia.

1998- Maxim Gallery, Miami, Florida, De Cuba comes.

1998- Itinerant, New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago, USA