Starry Night Aspen Style - SHERRI MIGNONNE

According to History Lists, Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is one of the top 20 most famous artworks in the world. Vincent Van Gogh Gallery states that Starry Night stands out for two main reasons…It was painted while he was living in Saint-Remy asylum, which Vincent admitted himself to after cutting part of his left ear off. The other reason being because the work was done by pure memory from inside instead of his usual preference of being outdoors.

Thanks to SHERRI MIGNONNE, you can now have your very own Starry Night with a twist of Aspen…not just the very nature of Aspen but one of our most recognizable land marks…Aspen Chapel

Her use of metallic colors makes her work completely transform in the light...

SHERRI’s imagination truly has no limit… Which is one of many reasons SHERRI is our signature Aspen artist. She is known for her incredible playfulness and bending of rules… leaving what color Aspen leaves should be up to your imagination.

Displayed below is the real Aspen Chapel, SHERRI’s depiction and Van Gogh’s church.

starry night van gogh.jpg

Here are some of the key elements of the piece that beautifully molds Aspen with one of the most recognizable paintings on Earth.


Starry Night “Untitled” 36x36

“Starry Night Untitled” 36x36.jpg
Sherri MignonneBen Tomkins