"Together" stunning new collection by DOMINIC MATTIOLI


DOMINIC MATTIOLI is our self taught superstar who, at the ripe age of 20, won a major award at Art Basel. Dominic continues to welcome us to his very own African Jungle. He also pays homage to the animals we all know and love in the rocky mountains. In early 2020 Dominic had his very first show in Aspen and raised much needed funds for the Bushfire efforts in Australia. If you want to celebrate your Relationship with your very own animal…your bestie…Dominic also does amazing portraiture of pets, Cats, dogs, horses. See how to get your custom commission done with DOMINIC MATTIOLI

Now he brings us his new series…..

“TOGETHER” Including families of fox, bears, elephant and lions. Plus additions to the “Gorilla and the butterfly” series, Dominic Mattioli has brought a whole new dimensionality to his work. Relationships.


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